Best Secondary Character/Animal in a Romance

by Michelle Howard

One word-Frieka. Frieka is one of the best secondary character/animal written in a book and he’s a cyber timber wolf. I read Jane’s Warlord by Angela Knight many moons ago and what amazed me the most (aside from a great romance and all sorts of hotness from the hero) was how well she created a secondary character who was an animal and managed to make him an integral part of the story. Never had a book stuck more with me. Mainly because I’d never read what I now consider sci-fi romance. Barak, the hero, would not have been who he was if not for Frieka. The dialogue, the exchanges and the genuine friendship between Frieka and Barak is truly amazing.

Now my K9 Bogan is not on Frieka’s level by far but writing a story with an animal in it allowed me a moment of pure joy to include a dog with a personality worthy enough of standing by my hero. Can’t wait to hear reader thoughts on my pet in Wired For Love in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2.

Michelle Howard is a Sci-fi romance author with a love for angsty HEA’s.

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