A Fond Farewell from Laurie A. Green

Pets in Space author, Laurie A. Green posted a farewell to the Pets on her blog this week:

Both of the Pets in Space works allowed me to open the door a bit wider into the Inherited Stars universe, as well as lay the foundation for future books. Both novellas will be expanded and re-released as standalones because the stories have now become important components in the overall series.

Working on the two anthologies also gave me an opportunity to get to know a host of other SFR authors much better, including a few bestsellers and at least one former idol. The peer relationships have been golden. I’ll very much miss the daily background conversations that have been so much a part of my life for the last two years, and I’m sure I’ll keep in close touch with several peers going forward.

So thank you Pets in Space for being the amazing experience that you were. I’ll miss being a part of the next collection, but I have other stories that are waiting to be told.

To read her complete blog post, click here.

Thanks for all you did for the anthology, Laurie! Best of luck with your writing adventures! We will miss you!

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