Head Exploding Time Travel

By Pauline Baird Jones

Time travel can make your head explode, but that’s not the reason they banned it in China back in 2011.

They didn’t specifically say they were banning actual time travel, but no one is allowed to write about it in television shows or movies. Why you ask?

“The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore.”


This is my favorite line though: “Many stories are totally made-up and are made to strain for an effect of novelty.”

Did you hear that? Some of the stories are totally made-up. I’d like to know which ones aren’t made-up, wouldn’t you?

While I would like to think otherwise, my time travel novels are completely and totally made-up, though I did find a book on how to make a time travel machine “that really works from parts obtainable in any hardware store.” Sadly, I’ve never been able to secure a copy of this highly useful book. Apparently the Men in Black work full-time to suppress both the book and actual time travel.

Since my time travel is fictional, I have not been bothered by the Men in Black. I do occasionally risk my head exploding while trying to sort out the paradoxes and such. Madison, in Time Trap, struggles with this problem, too. She’s been bouncing around in time so much, she sometimes loses track of where and when she is.

And she’s so ready to settle down, but dating is tough when you’re a time traveler. Luckily not just paradoxes happen in Time Trap and Madison gets a chance at her happy-ever-after with none other than Master Sergeant Briggs from The Key: Project Enterprise 1.


According to their intel source, the mole had been, or was here on this outpost right now, only in another time. Dwelling on him being here, but not here, made her head hurt. She worked better without a headache. The science said that because all of time was aligned somehow—blah, blah, complicated equation—there were echoes, that these echoes could bleed through both time and space. There were certain species that could perceive these echoes. Wasn’t it a nice coincidence that Sir Rupert was one of those species?

All they had to do was get in, let him look around, and leave without getting captured or wiped out of existence by the Time Service.

Easy peasy.

In other words, just another day—or millennium—in the Rebellion.

About Time Trap:

Hiding in time is not as easy as you’d think…

Madison lives by the rules of a time travel rebel – never tell anyone your real name, not if you want to remain alive. On the track of a traitor, Madison and her parrot partner, Sir Rupert, time travel into a trap. Their only way out sends them back in time and into the arms of a man that ignites a fire inside her.

USAF Master Sergeant Briggs is in trouble – not the kind he’d like to be, but still in trouble. He is bored out of his mind! Ordered to recuperate on a quiet bay away from the Garradian outpost, he’s ready to mutiny and go back to his beloved engines. When his friends send him a gift from Area 51, he figures it will relieve his boredom for an hour or so – until he turns it on and he gets his second present of the day.

Madison would love to get to know Briggs better, but it is just too dangerous. Unfortunately, she might not have much choice. With a Time Service Interdiction Force on their heels, can the three craft a plan that will save a base full of geniuses and technology and discover a happy-ever-after forged through time?

You’ll find Time Trap in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, releasing everywhere October 10, 2017!

Pauline Baird Jones never liked reality, so she writes books. She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance.


Pauline doesn’t love reality, so she writes perilously fun books mixed with romance and humor. http://paulinebjones.com

Find out what happens next in Embrace the Romance, Pets in Space 2! http://www.petsinspaceantho.com/pets-space-2-embrace-romance-2/


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