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All my other ideas about pets fled because I couldn’t stop thinking about a cute koala bear with fangs.

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When I was in the process of picking my pet for my story in the Pets In Space 4 anthology, I was spending time with an Australian friend. She told me that some of the koalas in her country grew fangs, hid in trees, and then pounced on unsuspecting people as they walked by. She said they had to warn visitors to Australia to watch out for them. They call the mutant koalas Drop Bears. All my other ideas about pets fled because I couldn’t stop thinking about a cute koala bear with fangs. Adding an alien twist, I decided antenna were also going to be needed. Fangs are admittedly good in a fight, but I couldn’t send my cute creature to an alien ice planet without his own personal warning system.


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My story, Nothing Remotely Familiar, is based on a series I call My Crazy Alien Romance which is based on The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico by SE Smith. Once a Kindle World, the mixed-genre paranormal and sci-fi stories are now published independently with gracious permission from SE Smith to use her characters. The main character in that series is a witch named Topper who ends up with an alien named Stark from the ice planet of Glacier. Across the four existing books, a lot happens between them, including the birth of a witch daughter. I gave the Drop Bear to Topper’s daughter as her first familiar. The story was great fun and now you know where I got the title—lol.

Here’s a snippet from the story:

Jessica threw her arms around her mother and hugged. “I promise you I’ll do my best with it.”

Topper made herself smile in encouragement. “I know you will. It’s the familiar I’m worried about.”

Jessica all but skipped to the courier. “Okay. Where do I sign?”

“So, you’re really sure, Miss?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Jessica promised. She smiled up at her father. “I know how much you like animals, Daddy. You can stay while they open the crate. What do you think it is?”

“I think it’s a live teddy bear,” Stark replied instantly, noting Topper still looked like she intended to kill whatever was in the crate. 

“A teddy bear? It can’t be. Teddy bears aren’t real,” Jessica said to her father. “The familiar is from Australia so I guess it could be a koala bear… or maybe a panda bear—no, wait, that’s China… or maybe it’s a…” She looked at the courier. “Is it an Australian animal?”

“Absolutely, Miss. The creature in this crate is the most Australian animal of all,” Bruce answered, whipping out his accepting device.

“Is it a kangaroo?” Jessica asked, still guessing.

Bruce chuckled. “No, it’s not a Skippy. Put your finger in here, Miss. This will pinch a bit.”

“I know—you need my blood for the witch’s promise,” Jessica said, watching him put the device over her finger. She winced when it struck with a pain greater than she’d expected. She didn’t call out though, not even when the drop of blood oozed onto the pad. A brilliant streak of white light left the device, passed through her, and then went into the crate. The creature inside it grunted in pain. 

“There you go—all done. The critter in the crate is now officially your familiar. I wish you the best with him,” Bruce said as he tucked the device back inside his shirt. “And as a word of caution to you, Miss, you might want to stand back a bit when you open it up. He will be mad as bloody hell after being stuck inside for so long. Just keep in mind that you can stop him with a firm command now that you’re his witch.”

“Oh, I’m not worried. My father is great with animals. I won’t need to get mean.”

Bruce laughed. “Okay, well, I’ll just be heading on back where I came from.”

 With a loud roar, the crate bounced hard and broke open at the top. They all watched in amazement as a furry, fanged thing launched itself directly at Bruce. The werewolf called out in shock and brought his arms up as a shield. 

Laughing, Stark caught the animal by the scruff at the back of its neck just seconds before its six-inch long talons sank into the screaming werewolf. He grinned at the fierce-looking creature. “Now, now—no attacking the courier,” Stark ordered.

Jessica’s eyes widened as she stepped around the front of the animal to get a better look at what she’d given her blood oath to accept as her familiar. 

“Wow. What are you?” she asked him, checking out his fangs and the long talons on his claws. All she got in answer was a glare and a low menacing growl, but she wasn’t too worried about it since he was looking at the courier and not at her.

Preorder your copy of Pets in Space® 4 to read my story! 

After 35 years of doing everything else for a living, Donna McDonald published her first novel in March of 2011. Sixty plus novels later, she is living her own happily ever after in life as a full-time author.
McDonald’s work spans several genres, such as contemporary romance, fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction. Romance and romantic elements abound in her work, but she claims humor as the most common element in all her writing. Addicted to making readers laugh, McDonald includes a good dose of comedy in every book.


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