Cara Bristol Spills on Her Cat Connection

Why did you join the Pets in Space 2 anthology?

I’m a lifelong pet lover and owner. Although I currently only have one cat, I grew up with a large variety and quantity of pets. What’s better than to combine science fiction romance with a pet sidekick? Two loves in one!

If you could bring back one extinct animal, what would it be, and why?

The saber-tooth cat. I think they’re very distinctive looking. I grew up in the Los Angeles area. The fossil remains of many species of prehistoric animals were found in the La Brea Tar Pits, including saber-tooth cats. To think they once roamed where I grew up is cool!

If you could create/design an animal, what would it look like and what could it do?

I don’t think I would create anything new. I think I would “fix” the congenital defects suffered by many animals such as hip dysplasia or breathing difficulties. Or, I might give dolphins human language. I think they might have a lot to say.

What do you love about writing science fiction romance?

The freedom to create and explore ideas, to think outside the box. I love being able to express my imagination and consider the possibilities. I want readers to enjoy the romance of my stories, but also to react to the sci-fi aspects and think, “Damn, I wish that was true.” Maybe someday it will be.

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