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Past Pets Stories

Did you miss the previous anthologies?

The previous Pets in Space stories can be found here. Note: We add links to these stories as the authors update us. 🙂 

Alexis Glynn Latner

Spike (An Aeon’s Legacy Short Story)

cover art

When frantic preparations for an unprecedented deep-space rescue mission are threatened by sabotage, the young roboticist Ten Jaxdown has to deploy and possibly sacrifice the swarm of investigative robots he invented and cares for more than anything else. But the intrepid young electrical engineer Anastasia Steed has an idea to improve the odds. These two learn that a pet can even be FROM space—yet humanize the space between two hurting and alienated human beings.

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Veronica Scott

Star Cruise: Stowaway

A novella of 22K words, previously in the ‘Pets In Space’ anthology.

Cargo Master Owen Embersson is shocked when the Nebula Zephyr’s ship’s cat and her alien sidekick, Midorri, alert him to the presence of a stowaway. He has no idea of the dangerous complications to come nor does he anticipate falling hard for the woman whose life he now holds in his hands. Life aboard the Nebula Zephyr has just become more interesting – and deadly.

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Pauline Baird Jones

The Real Dragon

Emma Standish didn’t think her day could get any worse. Her dad is marrying his boss, her dragon suddenly came back talking and typing, and it’s her fault the Earth, or at least ten square miles of Texas, is going to be destroyed. That’s what happens when you forget something very, very important. Luckily for her, she’s got the love of her life that she can’t remember and her dragon by her side. Who needs to worry when you’re having a day like this?

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Time Trap (A Project Enterprise Short Story)

Hiding in time is not as easy as you’d think…

USAF Engineer Master Sergeant Briggs—only his mother called him by his firstTime Trap cover name—is not enjoying his birthday. A year older and ordered to recuperate on a quiet bay away from the Garradian outpost, he’s ready to mutiny and go back to his beloved engines. When his friends send him a gift from Area 51, he figures it will relieve his boredom for an hour or so.

Until he turns it on and he gets his second present of the day.

Madison, and her parrot partner, Sir Rupert, are on the track of a traitor to the Rebellion when they time travel into a trap. Their only way out is via an old transport pad, but instead of sending them somewhere, it sends them back in time. Straight into the arms of the one man who could kick her tires and light her fires.

She would like to get to know the handsome engineer, but the trouble following her can get people erased from existence. The fact he’s a hero, like her lost brother, just makes her want to protect him more.

Briggs doesn’t trust time travelers—with good reason—but now he has to work with the unlikely pair because trouble is coming. Trouble that puts an outpost filled with geeks and ancient technology at risk. It’s not the first time he’s worked with a woman to save the universe, but it’s the first time he’s wanted to keep her for himself.

If only she were a little older…

With a Time Service Interdiction Force on their heels, can the three craft a plan that will save a base full of geniuses and technology and get them the happy ending they deserve?

This short story originally appeared in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, Library Journal Best Book of 2016 (eOriginal) and USA Today bestseller.

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Laurie Green

StarDog (Inherited Stars Series)


Navigator Taro Shall has a mission no one wants – find a way to eradicate snakes on a starship. He never expects to find the answer to his problem in a charming street vendor named Adini. His already unusual mission becomes more complicated when he suddenly acquires an adorable StarDog that soon sweeps him and Adini into the maw of a brewing insurrection.

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Susan Grant

Star Hero

Expanded from the novella “Stray”, originally published in the Pets in Space 1 Anthology

An imperfect hero battles his inner demons in a race against time to save the woman he loves…

First he had to rescue her. Then he’d try to win her back.

A Marine serving in the galactic frontier, Lieutenant Lukas Frank has a lot in common with a street dog named Bang-Bang; they both started off as scrappy orphans fighting to survive–and beat the odds. Things change when Bang-Bang leads Lukas to starpilot Captain Carlynn Riga. The tough war hero learns what it means to surrender–his heart. Lukas’s struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, threaten to tear the three of them apart, but nothing threatens them more than when Carlynn goes missing in action. Now the rugged, emotionally scarred Marine and his K-9 partner must find Carlynn and bring her home, or risk losing everything he has finally found worth fighting for.

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Star Puppy

Rornn is third in line for his royal clan’s throne. Not having to worry about becoming a king one day frees him up to join the Space Forces as a top-gun cover artstarfighter pilot. He’s used to being the best at what he does and getting any woman he wants—until he meets the one female who not only competes with him, she completes him. But every time he tries to get closer, it pushes her farther away.

Trysh was a little girl when her decorated military officer father walked out on her and her waitress mother to “marry up”. Trysh joins the Space Forces with the secret hope that her absentee father might notice and be proud of her. But while the love of flying is in her blood, flying away from love is what she does best—particularly when the hotshot alien pilot pursuing her is a real (and way too charming) prince. She won’t repeat her mother’s mistakes and lose her heart to someone above her social class.

Everything changes when they rescue a tiny, starving yipwag pup on the surface of an alien world, forcing them to work together. It turns out that “Puppy” is as good at sniffing out terrorists as she is helping her two clueless humans figure out that they need each other as much as they do her.

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Cara Bristol

Rescued by the Cyborg

cover artA cyborg with haunted past, a woman with a clouded future…

Battered and broken, hostage and sole survivor Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cy-Ops agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders, charges in, and rescues her. A former medic, he initiates emergency medical procedures before rushing her to Cybermed, in hopes of saving her wing so she can fly again. He’s taken with the delicate, brave Faria, but his best intentions result in unfortunate consequences that place her in greater jeopardy. Can he overcome the guilt of past mistakes in time to save her life? 

Rescued by the Cyborg is book 5.5 in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series.

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Jessica E. Subject

Gib and the Tibbar

cover artA dedicated Defender to the core, Gib is willing to go to any planet the Galactic Alliance sends him. That is, until he’s sent with his squad to Hemera for their Alorama ceremony, far from any threat of Erebus invasion and with no chance for promotion.

Vilarra has lived on Hemera all her life, working hard in the kitchens of the royal palace until she achieved lead hand. But learning of the universe beyond her world reveals her insignificance and shreds her sense of accomplishment and purpose.

With the help of a furry, little tibbar, Gib is determined to win the affection of Vilarra, prove to her how significant she is to him and the people who depend on her. But will his personal mission be cut short before he has the chance to win her heart?

*Formerly part of USA Today Bestselling Anthology Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2.

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Sabine Priestley

Sensate  – A Novella in the Alien Attachments Series

Marco Dar’s position as an Earth Protector means he spends an incredible amount of time alone in space. His only company is with the talkative com unit. It isn’t until he stops at the Galaxy Spinner restaurant that he discovers his com has become sentient – and it wants a physical form!

Dr. Zara Mancini hasn’t seen Marco Dar in over eleven years. As far as she is concerned, that still isn’t long enough. When Marco approaches her with an unusual request, she is torn between her fascination with the project, and wanting to leave him eating her space dust.

Marco is quickly falling all over again for Zara’s beautiful smile and gorgeous lips. Young and foolish, he sabotaged their relationship years ago. Now he has a second chance. Can he convince Zara to help his AI, and prove to her that he is a different man?


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