Why did S.E. Smith join the PISA II?

Why did you join the Pets in Space 2 anthology?

I was very proud of the support we received for HeroDogs.org and I absolutely loved the idea of writing about animals while supporting a worthy cause. I think for me, being able to share my talents to help someone else is the best gift of all. Besides, who can resist writing about animals in space? There is WAY too much fun with that for me to turn down!

If you could bring back one extinct animal, what would it be, and why?

LOL. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits recently, so I can tell you exactly which animals I wouldn’t want to bring back: The Dire Wolf and the Sabretooth Tiger. Those two were not the brightest bulbs during that time period. Since I can’t pick a Minion, I’ll have to go back to my love of Danny the Dinosaur and pick a Brachiosaurus. Even in Jurassic Park, that was one dinosaur that didn’t try to eat everyone!

If you could create/design an animal, what would it look like and what could it do?

Wow! Darwin’s grab bag? I think a lion with the wings of a hawk. Big and cuddly if you could get past the teeth, and able to soar. It would be an awesome predator and beautiful at the same time.

What do you love about writing science fiction romance?

My love for Science Fiction Romance comes from knowing that my only limitation is my imagination. Whatever I dream up could be possible! No one knows for sure what is out there. We are learning every day more about this incredible universe that we live in. I can only hope one day – preferably before I die – that there is life out there among the stars and that we aren’t alone. Many of my readers hope so too – and that the aliens are like the characters in my stories, the good ones, of course! LOL.

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