Why Does Sabine Priestley Love Writing Science Fiction Romance

Why did I join PISA2?

Because pets! I love animals and oddly haven’t featured any in my books before. Weird, in hindsight. I’ve also worked with a number of these authors before and absolutely adore them. The clincher, as if I needed one, was Hero Dogs. The men and women who serve deserve our support and respect. There’s nothing quite like the friendship and love of an animal.

If you could bring back one extinct animal, what would it be, and why?

Interesting question. I wouldn’t want to bring anything back that couldn’t be allowed to thrive in the wild so that probably rules out things like the Sabor Toothed Cat, although who wouldn’t want to see that? How about the Dodo Bird. A fascinating thing that evolved without fear because it had no natural predators. Man took care of that, unfortunately. So, here’s a shout out to the Dodo Bird!

If you could create/design an animal, what would it look like and what could it do?

If I got to create/design an animal is a much easier question. It would be a dragon, with the ability to fly and large enough to carry me and a few of my friends. I’d be able to communicate with it telepathically and we’d be besties. Blue sapphire scales and smooth as silk. No spines on the neck for my beauty. Can you just imagine?

What do you love about writing science fiction romance?

What I love about Sci-Fi-Fi Romance is the endless possibilities. Not being fettered by reality is such a fabulous thing. I have a series coming out with dragon shifters because I can! I’m an engineer so the geek in me gets into all the tech stuff and possibilities. Portals, Faster That Light ships, matter generators, bring it on!

Visit Sabine Priestley’s website here http://sabinepriestley.com/

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